Mission is the stepping stone and the track of our journey. Our actions and decisions follow the mission to:
  • Deliver reliability and credibility
  • Be objective
  • Exchange value with the world.


Vision rules our group. A framework, a supreme code of conduct cherishes us every day to serve the world better. Our vision is to nurture the 5Ps. They are:
  • Products: Serve the audience with information with outstanding quality and expertise.
  • Price: Create unmatched reach at affordable cost to all who deserve the information.
  • People: Create a home for work for people with rewards, smile, dignity and respect.
  • Profit: “Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu” May there be well being to the people.
  • Place: Work like an athlete. Fast forward to the target.


Success is not our destination. It is our way of work.
  • To Lead: Leadership is not granted, it is taken
  • Be friendly: There are no competitors. They co-exist.
  • Mask less: Be what you are
  • I am: Accountable and responsible for every action
  • Entertain: Fun like work and work like fun
  • Stretch: Extend your hands to the maximum
  • Best: We are the best. Deliver the best
  • For the people: Oriented to the market
  • Brand: Think Brand, Live brand